The Universal Online Makeup Course


The industries first real approach to makeup education, our modern approach will guarantee students the success and support they deserve.


It is our mission to help and guide you through the process.
The aim is to learn and develop from anywhere in the world. Our universal learning technique allows you to enter any industry equipped and confident!


Its time to open your mind to the wider spectrum, find yourself and your niche. This is about you. Becoming the best artist that you can be without the pressure of doing “what’s popular” change your direction and create your own path. You can do this.


About The Course


The universal online makeup course is a 3 part series, with 12 in depth educational episodes.

In this learning experience you will have visual lessons which will be delivered via voice over.


You will also have access to your ‘Support Manual’ which has been designed to guide you throughout your training, it is important to download and use the resources that are available to you to gain from the full learning experience.


This course has been developed for any makeup lover, artist or professional wanting to learn our universal techniques. Although the audience is majority beginners, we guarantee the lesson contents has never been delivered in this way. Which means anyone can learn a new skill set or widen their own expertise.



Universal = Anyone , Any Skill , Anywhere

Our content is strictly only available to our UOMC students, this gives you exclusive access to our unseen technique training footage.



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